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For established corporations, spinoffs and start-ups throughout their development stages, the know-how combines methodologies that enhance, economically speaking, research and innovation results. This area, coordinated by Partner R.Q. (Research Qualification) S.r.l., encompasses many technology and business partners. Part of this area are companies associated with incubator and acceleration programmes.


1 – Technology trend analysis

It is quite risky to operate in the market without having a clear understanding of the actual technologies transformation, especially during competition globalization. We analyse the market based on a technological standpoint, identifying trends, opportunities or emerging risks.

2 – IMP³rove

IMP³rove (IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with sustainable IMPact for Small and Medium sized Enterprises) is the opportunity offered by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Union to improve the innovation potential of European SMEs.

IMP³rove is based on a framework wihin an international collaborative platform that connects in a single network the most innovative companies in Europe, their development programmes, innovative products and services.

IMP³rove utilizes a method for analysing the corporate innovation potential and the tool to design, plan, implement and oversee innovative development processes.

Furthermore, IMP³rove, by unifying methods, data and languages, enables various innovation operators (companies, investors, public authorities, decision makers, intermediaries, innovation consultants, universities) to optimally interact with one another.

Our proposal is a free evaluation wtih IMP³rove strategy.

R.Q. – Research Qualification is one of IMP³rove project’s partner and an Innovation Management Advisor.

3 – Strategic analysis

In order to increase the company’s competitiveness, we perform technological assets research and analysis, identifying strategic technologies in relation to the business in question,. Due to this process of analysis and strategic evaluation, the company gains a strategic innovation management plan. Said plan may include the identification of technological excellence centres, technology and expertise transfer, and the creation of new businesses.

4 – Innovation-driven reorganizations

Reorganization is an activity involving a corporate structural change, adjusting roles, corporate management and investments. It is necessary for those businesses with organisational, structural and economic issues. Redefining the elements within a company is quite a complex procedure, as it requires a change of culture and mentality. We apply this methodology with an innovation-oriented approach, hence enterprises can successfully meet the challenges that change entails.

5 – Economic gain from research findings (Research Qualification)

Research Qualification is the applicative methodology with which companies of all sizes and in all sectors, can quickly take advantage of the findings of industrial research carried out by public bodies and private companies, with proportional and compatible investments to their business size.
Research Qualification method lies on technology and expertise transfer from centres of research and excellence to industrial entities. Businesses must first prepare the ground so that any technology transfer may have all it needs to take proper root.

Therefore Research Qualification checks the compatibility of all business structures and suggests all necessary improvements, be it training or skill transfer.
The bottom line: Research Qualification enables corporations to launch a new innovation-based business development phase.

6 – Company Accelerator & Incubator

Our incubator and Accelerator business ensures success for any new businesses and innovative enterprises projects.

Assistance to Start-up establishment and launching

We offer legal, bureaucratic and administrative support to all new companies throughout their establishment and launching stages.

Business model formulation

Our team of experts will draft a document describing the corporate development project, assessing then its feasibility and analyse its possible impact on the markets as well as any financial findings.

Management support and strategic advice

We offer professional management support to improve corporate structuring and consolidation of companies who recently joined the incubator.

We support companies in the corporate structuring and development phase of their business through the following:

  • market and competitive context analysis
  • identification of a proper commercial and marketing strategy
  • outlining and analysis of organizational processes
  • analysis of production choices
  • implementation of a marketing strategy via computer tools such as: CRM, Social and Crowd Marketing
  • balanced economic and financial planning

Project management

The High Level Innovation Project Management provides the basics to establish, handle and control a highly innovative project.

We offers highly qualified staff providing a 360° support in managing projects as follows:

  • project feasibility analysis
  • task planning with relative implementation timeframe
  • define project resources and their roles
  • expense identification
  • identify partners and suppliers
  • oversee deliverables and milestone
  • validation of results
  • networking opportunities into new markets, financial entities and institutions, aimed at the development of the enterprise
  • promotion and facilitation of the creation of new businesses
  • • support in the realization of innovative projects through technology transfer

7 – Education

Higher education offers medium-to-long term courses that, applying innovative methodologies, bring to:

  • develop certain skills in so creating high-profiled and highly specialized professionals
  • provide an upgrade of the expertise that individuals may have acquired through a substantial work experience

This offer responds to corporate highly qualified and professional training needs, supporting businesses and their staff: entrepreneurs, managers, employees, technicians, operators, thus improving professionalism and skills.

We offer comprehensive assistance, which in addition to training activities, supports grants attainment assisting throughout the bureaucratic process, for a complete service coverage.

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