Research & Innovation

This pertains to the structural and managerial know-how for complex projects of research, innovation, technologic transfer to attain research assignments for independent and sometimes public customers. This area is headed by Partner Eidon Lab S.c.a.r.l., who coordinates the centre of technical excellence network COIN (Collaborative Open lnnovation Network) together with companies associated with research programmes


1 – Outsourcing research

We provide 360-degree support to businesses who want to invest on applied research and development by offering, in a modular and sustainable way, the support to handle investment, from feasibility analysis to applied development of software solutions and prototypes.

2 – Open Innovation

Open Innovation is an innovative method described as follows:

  • Identify technological, product/process and market innovations outside the scope of one’s business
  • Gain said innovative solutions
  • Incorporate the same within its production and managerial cycles

Open Innovation proposal encompasses the following services:

Open Innovation –  Diagnostic:
Identify the best possible means to implement Open Innovation within business practices, resolving specific programmes critical issues.

Open Innovation –  Perfect Match:
Identify the finest world’s technologies, ideas and innovations.

Open Innovation –  Technical Project Coordination:
Provide resolutions to complex business and technical issues, as well as create and motivate collaborative teams.

Open Innovation – Business Management:
Develop and expedite the evolution of profitable innovative ideas.

Open Innovation – All Included Plan:
Oversee and support businesses throughout the whole Open Innovation process.

Open Innovation – Training:
Provide training and webinar on how to successfully implement Open Innovation.

3 – Technological portfolio analysis

We offer a portfolio technological analysis crucial to define the competitive position occupied by the company itself or by a specific technology in relation to the outside environment.

We verify the technological positioning of existing products and its research work with the identification of innovative processes in place and their compatibility with international standards.

4 – Scouting for technology partners

We offer scouting activities to select the most suitable technologies and technology partners to develop product and process innovation and define a corporate technological strategy consistent with the trends that characterize the industry in which it operates.

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