Research & Innovation

This pertains to the structural and managerial know-how for complex projects of research, innovation, technologic transfer to attain research assignments for independent and sometimes public customers. This area is headed by Partner Eidon Lab S.c.a.r.l., who coordinates the centre of technical excellence network COIN (Collaborative Open lnnovation Network) together with companies associated with research programmes.

Technological Services & Accelerator

For established corporations, spinoffs and start-ups throughout their development stages, the know-how combines methodologies that enhance, economically speaking, research and innovation results. This area, coordinated by Partner R.Q. (Research Qualification) S.r.l., encompasses many technology and business partners. Part of this area are companies associated with incubator and acceleration programmes.


Innovation Business

Our Partner Link S.r.l. is at the head of this area, also coordinating the Innovation Broker Network (IBN). The Innovation Broker identifies programs and strategies to accelerate innovation processes within the company, finding the tools to achieve them, rendering them available to the company providing assistance in applying them, up to the economic return.

Innovative Corporate Financing

NovaFund S.p.a. coordinates this area, for businesses who want to raise capital and liquidity to start innovative projects or undertake a new investment. Its know-how identifies and applies new financing instruments in addition to traditional banking venues.

IP Management

This area, co-ordinated by RQ (Research Qualification) S.r.l., fully manages corporate Intellectual Property, or IP, applying also advanced software tools. It identifies, describes, starts, implements, maintains, enhances and monetizes titled intangible assets (registered trademarks and designs) and untitled (know-how unpatented, inventions, software, formulas and process methodologies).


Industry 4.0 know-how lies in identifying strategies to accelerate the corporate innovation processes, as well as data managing and organizing, adding value to corporate processes in accordance to 4.0.

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