IP management

IP Management

This area, co-ordinated by Technetic Italia S.r.l., fully manages corporate Intellectual Property, or IP, applying also advanced software tools. It identifies, describes, starts, implements, maintains, enhances and monetizes titled intangible assets (registered trademarks and designs) and untitled (know-how unpatented, inventions, software, formulas and process methodologies).


1 – Intellectual property enhancement services

Often intangible assets, while maintaining an economic value, are fully amortized thus no longer considered an asset. Their appreciation, which is entirely possible, is an important tool for optimization of fiscal and financial management. The main benefits of business assets appreciation are the latent increases in value resulting in their allocation net assets in the financial statements.

For intellectual property appreciation, we are able to perform the following services:

  • Corporate Mapping of “intangibles” (know-how/patents/trademarks/designs/Software)
  • Support of the identification and quantification of intangible assets investments incurred by the company
  • Technical and administrative advice to determine the allowable income pursuant to law (article 1, paragraph 39, stability law 2015) and estimation of the benefits attainable if accessing Patent Box Act
  • IPR protection advice
  • Reengineering of intangible assets organization, management and protection

2 – IP (Intellectual Property) Management systems

Through a series of modular, high-performance software solutions, we offer the opportunity to manage and optimize processes related to its intangible heritage, correlating data, information, calculations, skills and knowledge that, in disjointed systems, are usually scattered and fragmented.

3 – Enhancement and due diligence of innovative companies

Our due diligence collects and establishes all accounting and tax information necessary in assessing any innovative company activities.

The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain the presence of critical elements that could compromise a successful negotiation. It reviews corporate accounting and fiscal matters, through financial statements and income statement analysis, verifying their compliance with civil and fiscal regulations, as well as their drafting according to proper accounting principles, corroborates the veracity of tax returns and any investigations by the tax authorities.

4 – IP-based strategic planning

Intellectual property and its management can be a fundamental strategic resource for growing companies, providing a competitive edge and, among other benefits, revenue. However, in the absence of valid data analysis tools and knowledge management, it can be a risky challenge. Hence we analyse performance data, intellectual property related process costs as well as their ROI, in order to assist you in making informed decisions, thus significantly improving business performance.

5 – IP Management Advisor

When a company starts to grow, even on an international scale, so do the intellectual property challenges. Consequently, businesses must assess how embrace the intellectual property sphere, how to allocate resources and how to build suitable infrastructure and relationships to globally support any future corporate IP. We offer 360° support for all phases of intellectual property management: from inception, creation and implementation of new corporate IP, to the complete management of existing IP.

6 – IP assets development Advisor

Corporate IP enhancement is implanted by developing comprehensive due diligence with a complete and adequate evaluation of corporate assets, including various titled and untitled intangible assets, such as know-how and software for internal use (assets usually difficult assess). We provide this service to companies, as well as banks and financial institutions in support to financial and/or equity loans assessment.

7 – Intangible asset management (PATENT BOX) (Patent Box)

Patent Box is the tax measure that rewards companies with a tax reduction of 50% for IRES and IRAP of revenues deriving from intangibles (stability law 2015), namely:

• copyrighted software;
• patented or pending patent industrial licences;
• legally protectable designs (e.g. product design);
• know-how: processes, formulas and information relating to legally protectable industrial, commercial or scientific gained experience.

The methodology we have developed has simplified the process to access Patent Box Act:

• Identification of intangibles
• Intangible heritage
• Ruling (negotiation with the IRS)
• Quantification of income and calculation of subsidy

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