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Our Partner Link S.r.l. is at the head of this area, also coordinating the Innovation Broker Network (IBN). The Innovation Broker identifies programs and strategies to accelerate innovation processes within the company, finding the tools to achieve them, rendering them available to the company providing assistance in applying them, up to the economic return.


Our ability to bring businesses together has generated solid, profitable and long-lasting synergies delivering an unquestionable useful service both to the individual actors involved, and the Italian industrial system. Following the different services provided:

  • Partner acquisition to develop business network
  • Assistance in processing network contracts and related programs
  • Tax incentives for business networks
  • Network program rating to access credit
  • Subsidized financing for networks
  • Grants for network development
  • Models, methods and management tools
  • Implementation of collaborative platforms for network management

2 – Public funding

In support of business growth, we offer the opportunity to obtain the following:

Capital or plant grants

  • A benefit granted against an investment for production or the purchase of capital goods with a lasting effects on the enterprise, such as investments in tangible, intangible assets, or both.
  • The contribution is calculated on the total costs of eligible investment, a percentage and will eventually have an absolute value ceiling (e.g. the contribution will amount to no more than 30% of the eligible costs and no more than 1 million euro
  • Normally provided against receipted expenditure documents. It could be disbursed as a lump sum at the beginning, in instalments or as a lump sum at the end; it will be taxed as it is considered income
  • Taxed as it is considered income

Plant grant

  • It is a grant supporting project related corporate expenditures (personnel, leasing, loans, advertising and utilities)
  • Taxed as it is considered income

Interest subsidy

  • Granted when applying for medium/long term financing in market conditions.
  • A financial transection must be in place in order to benefit of the subsidy.
  • They are generally paid in several instalments throughout financing
  • The benefit lies on the refund of all (0% interest) or part (subsidized) of interest payable related expenses.
  • It is often disbursed directly to the lender who in turn can then lower the interest rate applied

Instalment subsidy

  • It has the same characteristics as the previous subsidy but abating financial leasing costs
  • This benefit is designed to support entrepreneurial activities, their development, consolidation and revitalisation

The public sector Entities who allocate grants or subsidized financing are: the European Union, Italy, its Regions, Municipalities and Chambers of Commerce.

We offer a specific consulting service as follows:

  • programmes support and monitoring as well as support in accessing public funding;
  • assistance in compiling and submitting application;
  • project management assistance;
  • technical and economic reporting support.

3 – Subsidized financing

To meet corporate financing demands we offer the opportunity to obtain the following subsidized financing:

Susidized credit operations

  • Granted when applying for a medium/long term financing obtained at a below-market interest rate
  • Should financing be disbursed, it is granted solely on favourable terms
  • There is a concurrence between subsidy approval and contract agreement

Following the different type of benefits relate to this category:

  1. Lease/rent instalment subsidy (facilitated leasing)
  2. Advances on capital grants (the enterprise receives an interest free sum)
  3. European Investment Bank (EIB) subsidized loans. Their objective is to increase SMEs, residing in less-favourable areas of the Union, borrowing potential. EIB scheme is called global loan: granting funds in favour of local financial intermediaries who in turn disburse to SMEs.
  4. Interest-free advances granted by the European Commission

Revolving fund

The Revolving Fund, established according to Law183/1987 art. 5, was created to offset, from a financial stand point, the national public expenses to implement Community programmes.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the most important among the structural funds, strengthens economic and social European Union cohesion by correcting imbalances between its regions.

4 – Agevolazioni fiscali

Fiscal benefit

  • Disbursed directly to the tax office, it must be used within 5 years from the date it was granted and will offset all taxes pertaining the tax account
  • A tax value tool as the benefit fruition occurs when tax and/or dues are paid (includes all payments made with the F24 form)
  • The tax bonus is allowed when specific investments or hiring are put in place to increase employment within a production sector

Tax credit

Useful at tax time, it offsets taxes owed; it is depicted on the tax return for payment of VAT, income tax and corporate income. It cannot usually be refunded, it is generally granted for investments and/or hiring, not considered as revenue.

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